Oh how I have missed thee..

7 Jun

It's not all beautiful sunsets and smooth seas

Gosh, just let me start by saying, or rather shouting at the top of my lungs, I am SO HAPPY to have a night off work to sit down with a glass of vino blanco in my hand, ben harper in my ears and type away freely. Blog, I have missed you. Like I would miss my index finger if it was to suddenly drop off my hand. I have honestly felt like something has been missing from my life the last few months, its been like a underlying frustration and I think that to say that this missing “something” has been all forms of creative expression would be hitting the nail directly, smack-bang on the head.

Yes I work on a yacht, a brand spanking new shiny one at that. She even smells new. I am in Sardinia, where the deep green hills roll effortlessly and the neutral coloured stone homes melt into the landscape. They are apart of it, not separate from it. And the beauty leaves me speechless on an early morning run. I am extremely blessed and I realise this… but it is not all rolling hills, moet and basking in the mediterranean sunshine. In fact, almost the opposite. The summer is all about work. 18 hour days are the norm when the boss is on board and as a stewardess, ones life consists of cleaning products, ironing, setting a table in the prettiest fashion and well, being able to smile in the midst of exhaustion. Did I mention starvation of the soul and creative self? No? Well, there it is.

So I hear you ask, well, why would you do it? Why? And I can honestly tell you that I ask myself this question almost daily the moment. I sigh as I respond with an answer that I detest, and this answer is one that is focused around the dollar sign. But you know when I detach from the ego and change my perspective, I can see that this is not entirely true, but rather an excuse for my moments of unhappiness.

Yes I am here, until the end of October to earn enough money to set myself up. To re-enter a world of freedom, travel through India with my amazing boyfriend, then move to Indonesia and reopen the Jewellery business that sits so patiently on hold. Through being a Stewardess and what can seem like torture at times, this experience is teaching me invaluable lessons. I am practising resilience, patience, having to work hard and remain focused for a bigger picture/purpose, rather than the present moment. This takes discipline, tolerance, compassion, choice and a positive attitude. Right now I am doing a job that is not ideal for me personally, but one that will give me the opportunity to fund a venture that is my ultimate. Lucky, right? Plus, I do travel, eat amazing food, have the opportunity to save most of what I earn and interact with many interesting others..

So beautiful friends at home, sleep easy knowing that no, I am not just relaxing on a luxury yacht day in, day out… but rather cleaning showers and pouring wine… for others! Truth be known, although I moan and whinge at times, I wouldn’t have it any other way! And as I spend my days sailing the seas (folding towels) the dream of my future and a time where creativity is my number one priority, just becomes stronger and more important to me.


Gypsy x


6 Responses to “Oh how I have missed thee..”

  1. Kristen June 7, 2011 at 8:40 pm #

    I couldn’t have said it better myself.. such beautiful words coming from the most beautiful soul I know. Many kisses and much love.. x x x x

  2. Richard June 8, 2011 at 12:38 am #

    The yacht picture invokes images of a lazy and idyllic existence!

    I’m sure you’re working hard and hold on to the picture of the jewellery business.

  3. Scarlet gray June 8, 2011 at 3:39 am #

    Ally pink, thankyou for the glimpse into your world as violet snores on my shoulder, kobi sleeps upside down in his bed and I am torn between yoga and washing bottles lol.. I love you and miss u daily and look forward to extended visits in your awaiting destination..when u look back.. It just isn’t long at all.. Keep writing, it’s fabulous x x x

    • .. Tales of a Gypsy .. June 8, 2011 at 7:13 pm #

      You are the most amazing mother that I know and the little angels, are so blessed to have you as their Mumma! Your support has always been and continues to be incredible. I love you x

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