A beautiful Friday in Bali life…

26 May

So yesterday morning, we jumped on my Scooter, “Florence”, met friends and then headed towards the East coast of Bali in search of the ocean. 

The creators of this world were tremendously talented Artists. And I honour them. The islands of Indonesia are nothing short of magic and we are met daily with visions that the Gods have provided. Each day bestows more inspiration, more disbelief regarding just how privileged we are and more evidence that I am where I need to be, at this stage of my journey. 

I could tell you all about yesterday’s adventure, but would rather include a few pictures that will speak more truth than my words could even begin to provide. 

This is living. 

Gypsy X









One Response to “A beautiful Friday in Bali life…”

  1. Trudy McClughan May 28, 2012 at 6:03 pm #

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful day . You found the beach, and a new friend! How awesome is that, and you’re in Bali!

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