About the Blog/Blogger…

Welcome to my brand new born baby blog, Tales of a Gypsy. This here aims to become an eclectic mix of everything that is life. From beautiful messages of inspiration, random brain explosions, healthy recipes to satisfy the tummy, music for the soul, excited jewellery updates and travel stories from afar.

My name is Alex and this is me.. a Journalism Graduate from the Gold Coast in Australia. Now living and breathing the air in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. I am a dreamer… A gypsy that has a natural addiction to a life of transience. In my previous chapters I have worked at Channel 9, chased a career of broadcast presenting, studied in New York, moved to Europe, started a jewellery company, moved to Turkey to work on a yacht, written for a travel publication, settled, unsettled, travelled, returned to home (several times), travelled again and worked so many different jobs that in my head, the industries mould together. And you know what, its been fun!

Today, at this very moment, I aim for simple pleasure in singular moments. To draw beauty from everyday existence. I enjoy a love affair with Yoga, I live on a beautiful island in the Mediterranean Sea, I love sunshine and reading addictive literature underneath its warm rays, morning exercise, the smell of freshly washed hair, crisp granny smith apples, my camera and seeing the world through a lens, my journal, rain at night, cooking, adventures into the unknown, my friends and unique family, tulips, snuggles, dreaming, practising presence, chocolate and warm tea.

But most of all, I just am. A girl marching to the funky rhythm inside my own head. Experience is life and exploration gives meaning. Like you, we all have a story. In my story, I am writing this blog for myself, as a creative expression and a tool in my personal journey to continue developing a more authentic relationship within Alex and the world I exist in. Maybe it will also ignite a flame within you, to encourage the confidence to be innately yourself, a feeling that we all desire. Life is a blessing, we just have to open our eyes a little wider to see.

Be happy…
Love generously…
Express gratitude…
And eat chocolate…

(Click on the heart above to see me in a previous stage presenting with my wonderful cousin at an event in Brisbane, Australia).


One Response to “About the Blog/Blogger…”

  1. scarlet January 22, 2011 at 1:23 am #

    Ally pink…. I LOVE IT… your words flow like sand through my hands.. and it brings a tear to my eye.. thankyou for inspiring me.. teaching me.. and allowing me to glimpse into your journey.. i look forward to the words, memories,recipes and music thoughts.. Kobi and i cant wait to see your smiling face, taste your cooking and laugh at thoughts which are spoken without words.. Love you.. Until next time.. Scarlet

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